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7:49 a.m. - 2010-10-04
A Small Mountain of Perishables
I got a job. It has a great benefits package. They offer vision and dental and all of those things grown ups are supposed to have.

I went to a mall optometrist recently and he told me I shouldn't have been driving with my current prescription. My vision has apparently gotten much worse in the five years since I last went to an eye doctor. My mom and my boyfriend both offered a while ago to pay for my health insurance, but I felt too odd about taking either of them up on it.

In celebration of being gainfully employed (and not just partially employed) I went to the grocery store and bought $300 worth of groceries, which is surprisingly easy to do when you use a grocery cart instead of a small basket. I was expecting it to be... maybe $200 at the most. I shocked myself with the grocery bill. My boyfriend was happy though when I came home with all sorts of goodies. He loved the bacon best, but also ate at least two mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches in one evening.


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